Should I Eat? Iceberg Panic

Should I eat? Am I hungry? The last several days have been a mix of eating healthy, balanced meals and eating junk food with a tiny bit of binge eating. This makes me feel incredibly uneasy. All trust in myself and my hunger signals and cravings is lost. Am I really craving that sandwich/piece of cake/cookie, … Continue reading Should I Eat? Iceberg Panic


How Traveling Europe Helped My Eating Disorder

One month ago I quit my job to pursue my dream of being a full-time writer. Three days later I boarded a flight to Milan to start a three-month trip across western Europe. Change is hard for me. I love structure, routine, rules, and regularity, especially when it comes to exercise and food. After five … Continue reading How Traveling Europe Helped My Eating Disorder

Shocking Statistics: Anorexia is rare, dieting is not

As I head to my third day of attending the National Eating Disorder Association Annual Conference I'm reflecting on the amazing experiences I had yesterday through a wide variety of sessions. I learned what Facebook and Instagram are doing to help prevent and address eating disorders. I took a creative writing workshop where I wrote … Continue reading Shocking Statistics: Anorexia is rare, dieting is not

My Story

My notebooks from college contain column after column of numbers down the margins. How many calories have I eaten? How many calories did I burn at the gym? How close am I to my 800 calorie limit? What did I weigh this morning? How far is that from my safe weight, where I deem myself an acceptable human for the day? Addition and subtraction ruled my life for six years.